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Nash the Slash's Gravesite

An Original "Rock Legends" Photo Gallery
The mysterious Toronto rock violinist Nash the Slash
has some great pics taken at "The Rock Pile" and other venues
around Toronto in the late sixties, complete with detailed commentary.
Jeff Beck w/ Rod Stewart, 18 year old Carl Palmer w/ Arthur Brown,
Led Zeppelin's infamous "Mighty Monday" August 18, 1969,
Jimi Hendrix @ Maple Leaf Gardens May 3, 1969 and more...

Overheard in New York City

More fun than a singalong!

Wanna Get Wired?

Guitar Cord Glamour Tips
What stylish guitarists are connecting with this season!
A signal chain makeover that you can do at home?
Lava Cable shows you how.

What Do You Know About High Tension Wires?

You'll know a whole lot more after visiting Professor String.

Ed Roman Guitars

Everything you need to know about guitars
explained by one of the industry's most colourful characters.

Abrasive Instrumental Tracks

Guaranteed to exfoliate stale sonics & leave eardrums refreshed.

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Links ...@... Waiting for Karma .com

Good Karma ... only 99 cents! ... Cheap! ...@... Waiting for Karma .com