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Graffiti ...@... Waiting for Karma .com Posted: Sep 19, 2009
Once I get this issue sorted
I think I'll just pick up where I left off.

Graffiti ...@... Waiting for Karma .com Posted: Jul 31, 2009
Hang on, that gives me an idea ...

Graffiti ...@... Waiting for Karma .com Posted: Jul 3, 2009
Graffiti is currently, what? Under review? Pretty much toast?...
after being locked in a relentless six month battle against spam,
I've reluctantly had to retreat & regroup ...
Sooo ... "Graffiti" and "Sign the Guestbook" have been suspended,
pending a weapons upgrade and a "performance review".

Dead Honest Posted: Jan 2, 2009
Underground Man
... and some people would prefer that you don't come looking for it.

Little Dipper Posted: Dec 26, 2008
Vindictive Digital
Some people just "can't handle the truth".

Bongo DeLuxe Posted: Dec 19, 2008
Underground Nation
It seems that not everyone goes underground voluntarily.

Dead Honest Posted: Dec 12, 2008
Underground Man
I think anonymity would be a lot less stressful
if I weren't in the Witness Protection Program.

Scratchin' the Surface Posted: Dec 5, 2008
The News @ Waiting for Karma .com
Wow! Zero credibility is an enhancement?

Anonymous Posted: Nov 28, 2008
Location Withheld by Request
Re: Anonymous Sources
Trust me, anonymity definitely enhances my credibility.

Thick Ears Posted: Nov 21, 2008
Yellow Journal
... or a whiskey soaked beatnik in a beret looking for ... kicks?

Almost Tenured Posted: Nov 14, 2008
Kingston ON
"... and to be a great writer it helps to be Russian?"

Groovy Jerome Posted: Nov 7, 2008
The Groove Yard
Someone, I can't remember who, said
"to be a great poet it helps to be schizophrenic".

Thin Skin Posted: Oct 31, 2008
The Annex
To be honest I'd have to say writing lyrics requires multiple personalities.

Meet U 1/2 Way Posted: Oct 24, 2008
Not All Here ... or There
You just pretend to be honest when you write lyrics. Right?

Thick Ears Posted: Oct 17, 2008
Yellow Journal
What's the difference between being honest and telling the truth?

Lawrence Posted: Oct 10, 2008
Electric Larryland
That whole "just being honest" thing was dangerous.

Conscience Cleared Posted: Oct 3, 2008
Me 2
I tried that whole sensitivity / honesty thing for a month
and it didn't work for me either.

Belly Posted: Sep 26, 2008
Hackin' & Slackin'
As Woodsie used say, "We'll take it!"

Thin Skin Posted: Sep 19, 2008
The Annex
Actually, because insensitivity is such a serious infraction
you'd be looking at a well deserved ten minute misconduct.

Little Dipper Posted: Sep 12, 2008
Vindictive Digital
What's the penalty? Two minutes for insensitivity?

Finger Painter Posted: Sep 6, 2008
Stingers & Stuff
Wouldn't that be against the new sensitivity rule?

Bongo DeLuxe Posted: Aug 29, 2008
Underground Nation
Well, ok then ... but what about that Wynd Brown guy?
C'mon, nothin' like a little retaliation to brighten your day.

Bongo DeLuxe Posted: Aug 22, 2008
Underground Nation
Hey! I owe you one.
Have you got Commissar Summeroff's home address?

Civil Serpent Posted: Aug 15, 2008
Queens Park
Look at the bright side, there's no tax on FREE.

The TwinSter Posted: Aug 8, 2008
No 99 4 U
Here's what I call a win+win situation.
1st I LimeWire and then I foreclose.
Ha Ha Ha Gotcha Again !!

Eco $exual Posted: Aug 1, 2008
I took the liberty of lowering the price of your music to free
and then giving it away In return for a donation
to my "Green $cheme" fundraising campaign.
OK ?

The TwinSter Posted: Jul 25, 2008
No 99 4 U
I hope you enjoy cold pizza with my favourite toppings.
Ha Ha Ha Gotcha !

Inner Limits Posted: Jul 18, 2008
Manchester NH
Recording License? Now I know why you call it "Serf Music".

Baaa 2 Times Posted: Jul 11, 2008
Shepherds Bush
Who's wearing the Wellingtons now?

LowDown Jonny Posted: Jul 4, 2008
No Bass 4 U
... but they're sensitive kangaroos aren't they?

Rabbit Ears Posted: Jun 28, 2008
Woodsville NH
You're right Ducky, a "court" with a 100% conviction rate
does have something to do with marsupials.

Ducky Posted: Jun 20, 2008
Soil Native
Squirrels? I heard it had something to do with kangaroos?

Henri Posted: Jun 13, 2008
Ville NoWhere
Careful, or you'll find yourself being hauled up before
one of those Canadian Squirrels Rights Commissions.

Hee Haw Posted: Jun 6, 2008
Horny Machinery
I said I liked those squirrel-y "GEARS" as in ratios;
but yeah, I like those squirrel-y girls too!

Real Humr Posted: May 30, 2008
Oakville ON
In Canada insensitivity is a human rights violation.

Wynd Brown Posted: May 23, 2008
Sensitivity Enforcement Bureau
As of July 1 2008
the new sensitivity limits become law and will be strictly enforced.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

French Tickler Posted: May 16, 2008
Plessisville QC
Some places are more sensitive than others.

Thin Skin Posted: May 9, 2008
The Annex
You're definitely behind the sensitivity curve.

Bo Logo Posted: May 2, 2008
Where's My Waitress?
I think you're going to need a 3rd round of sensitivity training.

Eco Chondriac Posted: Apr 25, 2008
Victoria BC
What about that snowball in hell eh?

Thick Ears Posted: Apr 18, 2008
Yellow Journal
I heard you were questioned by the authorities
regarding the disappearance of Bongo DeLuxe

Brown Out Posted: Apr 11, 2008
Hey! M.T. Trax was right!
The new U-Glo ChemLab Meatball Sauce #44
just blows away the Quenched by Chemistry #345.

Starch Daddy Posted: Apr 4, 2008
Fruit & Root Depot
I find that "Stamps" help to differentiate the
baby reds and baby whites from the fingerlings.

Bongo DeLuxe Posted: Mar 28, 2008
Underground Nation
P.P.S. and the weapons were a thoughtful addition
to the care package too. Thanks again.
Future considerations.

Bongo DeLuxe Posted: Mar 21, 2008
Underground Nation
P.S. Thanks for the fresh set of ID.

Bongo DeLuxe Posted: Mar 14, 2008
Underground Nation
You don't know me, you've never heard of me,
and you have no idea where I could be found.
OK ?

Lawrence Posted: Mar 7, 2008
Electric Larryland
Thanks, I had a great time! Somebody should've introduced the Bull
to that delightful anti-branding crusader from "Tramps Against Stamps".

Leapin' Lizard Posted: Feb 29, 2008
Birthday Challenged
Finally! It's Friday!
R U ready to play!

the Bull Posted: Feb 22, 2008
Soundz Invisible Systemz
I don't want to appear ungrateful or anything but
real supermodels don't have "Tramp Stamps".

the Bull Posted: Feb 8, 2008
Soundz Invisible Systemz
Hey! You promised supermodels.

Lo Watt Posted: Jan 31, 2008
Halifax NS
M.T. Trax said you promised him an Oriental Girl Party
but his henpecker wouldn't let him go.

Old Tom E. Posted: Jan 25, 2008
Timing is everything.

C. W. Posted: Jan 18, 2008
from Sydney
Is it a coincidence that you would play drums
on a song called "We're All Time Machines"?

OverBoard Posted: Jan 11, 2008
No Mix 4 U
Did you read the manuals before or after I said I was busy?

Lawrence Posted: Jan 4, 2008
Electric Larryland
Halo of static ?

Provocateur Posted: Dec 29, 2007
Cornwall ON
...and now there's fire where there used to be smoke.

Phuk Hu Posted: Dec 21, 2007
Hi Mileage Promotions
You should thank Mr. Politically Correct
for the Christmas...er, I mean...Holiday Present.
With enemies like that who needs friends.

Poppin' Wheelies Posted: Dec 14, 2007
Mississauga ON
Ha Ha Ha
I told everybody about it.
The twins think you're the new James Dean.

Real Humr Posted: Dec 7, 2007
Oakville ON
You got kicked to the curb for smoking a cigarette
in a photo?

Little Dipper Posted: Nov 30, 2007
Vindictive Digital
That Jimmy! He's got more lives than a cat.
Now I have to call everyone back with an explanation.
I'm going to blame you.

Last Cow Posted: Nov 23, 2007
Calabasas CA
You should get out less and watch TV more.

Unibrow Posted: Nov 16, 2007
Seattle WA
I'd rather shovel !@#$%^&* for 20 an hour
than do more peer reviews.

Fargo Posted: Nov 9, 2007
Vancouver BC
After doing an hour of peer reviews I realized
that paying 5 bucks is a sweet deal.

Slinky Posted: Nov 2, 2007
Another Plain
Are you sure it wasn't a ghost?

Arthur Zonenberg Posted: Oct 26, 2007
Wow dude! I thought BAGDAD was an open tuning.

West Nile Bert Posted: Oct 19, 2007
3rd Debut
I remember back in the old days music was made out of wood.

Hee Haw Posted: Oct 12, 2007
Horny Machinery
If taking a song apart damages any of the magic
just add a bit of your own.

Syncro Sal Posted: Oct 5, 2007
Mortem Post
Re: Mr. Jimmy
You look like you've seen a ghost.
It must be that studio tan you're wearing.

Barb - The Edit Bay Babe Posted: Sep 28, 2007
Los Angeles
It was great meeting you at the festival.
You really are an original.

Alex Posted: Sep 14, 2007
Vending Machine Nation
I'm so relieved to hear Jimmy is OK.

Jimmy Posted: Sep 7, 2007
See what happens when you volunteer?
Come downtown tonight and meet some people who are serious.
They want to meet you.

the Bull Posted: Aug 31, 2007
Soundz Invisible Systemz
He never spoke to me again either and I didn't even play on the CD
'cause my shoulder hurt and I'm not lazy.

Brown Out Posted: Aug 24, 2007
Lo Watt said M.T. Trax never spoke to you again after he heard your CD.

Little Dipper Posted: Aug 10, 2007
Vindictive Digital
When do you sleep?

OverBoard Posted: Aug 3, 2007
No Mix 4 U
Rumour has it that you're threatening to inflict
new "ART" on us this fall. Say it ain't so.

Refusenik Posted: Jul 27, 2007
Riga LV
Not much of a name dropper are you?

the Bull Posted: Jul 20, 2007
Soundz Invisible Systemz
Hey! "Gold Throat" still hasn't learned the words
so the rehearsal scare is over.

Gregoire Posted: Jul 13, 2007
Hagersville ON
First you get good, now you get fast.

Greedy Pete Posted: Jul 6, 2007
MidKnight Snacks
Okay Okay! The next time I raise my prices
I'll tell you before instead of after.

Silent Steve Posted: Jun 29, 2007
Painting by Number
For only 1 more I can buy a Scratch & Win !!!

Lucky Posted: Jun 22, 2007
Henderson NV
Tell your buddy "the feel guy" to keep his hands off me.

the Bull Posted: Jun 15, 2007
Soundz Invisible Systemz
Whenever I'm invited to a fun singalong
I always bring along a fan fret bass
but no amp.

Arthur Zonenberg Posted: Jun 8, 2007
How'd you know I was going for that Gabor Szabo sound?

Hanky Head Posted: Jun 1, 2007
Wasaga Beach ON
Isn't dithering the same as waffling?

Fargo Posted: May 25, 2007
Too bad ridicule and satire aren't included
in the broadjam song description lists eh?

The Frog Prince Posted: May 18, 2007
Don't forget to bring a capo.

Thick Ears Posted: May 11, 2007
Yellow Journal
Hilarious! I've never heard of anybody being rejected
as a MySpace friend. I owe you 10 bucks.

Tadpole Posted: May 4, 2007
Tobermory ON
Mum & Dad wanted to know if you were coming up for
The May Two Four. Don't forgett to bring an acoustic guitar.
We've got the campfire going. All together now...

One Square Posted: Apr 27, 2007
Los Angeles CA
All I am saying is give one piece a chance.

Lo Watt Posted: Apr 20, 2007
Halifax NS
If that happened to me I'd make it a plastic bag.

Brown Out Posted: Apr 13, 2007
Talk about being caught with your watts down.
Last week my amp blew up and I had to play
a borrowed acoustic guitar for a whole set.
Fortunately nobody recognized me because
I wore a bag over my head.

Bongo DeLuxe Posted: Mar 30, 2007
No Gig 4 U
"Hair Triggered" is a clinical term used to explain the behaviour
of those who feel compelled to dress up in hairy costumes
like their favourite characters in "Hirsute ... the Musical".

Frogwoman Posted: Mar 23, 2007
I'm starting to think that you're not keen on fun singalongs.

Frogman Posted: Mar 16, 2007
Singalongs would be more fun if you stopped
playing sneaky whammy bar tricks on us.

Chunderman Posted: Mar 9, 2007
Perth AU
Coo, Blimey, Crickey, Strewth !
Is Sam the Man ... you know ...
"Married in Canada" ?

Frogman Posted: Mar 2, 2007
Costa Rica
Some people think singalongs are fun.

Slinky Posted: Feb 23, 2007
Another Plain
When I was a kid I knew a guy who used a plain D.

Bad Wrap Posted: Feb 16, 2007
Still Wearing a Wound G ?
Those "2 plain" strings are clodhopper strings.

Arthur Zonenberg Posted: Feb 9, 2007
I did a gig at a "Barrels of Fire" rebellion
and "If I Had a Hummer" didn't go over either.

Wiarton Willard Posted: Feb 2, 2007
Shadow Puppet Artist
Could I be considered transgressive if I ignore etiquette
and use a capo?

Handy Howard Posted: Jan 26, 2007
@ Souped Up Setups
Re: Neck Curve for Fenders with 9.5" fingerboard radius.
While holding down the 6th string @ frets 1 & 17 measure .010"
from the top of the 8th fret to the bottom of the 6th string
with a feeler gauge.

Maple Syrup Posted: Jan 19, 2007
Bore Oil? Just Say No!
I use a capo to clamp down the strings at the first fret
when I adjust the neck curve on Fender guitars.

Bum Finger Posted: Jan 12, 2007
When I was a kid a capo was called a cheater
so I got one right away.

Pickin' & Grinnin' Posted: Jan 5, 2007
Believe it or not acoustic guitars use a wound G
just like a bass!

Bongo DeLuxe Posted: Dec 29, 2006
No Bongos 4 U
When I said "Maybe next year I'll be desperate"
I didn't mean it like I was planning ahead.

Limousine Purist Posted: Dec 22, 2006
I find myself rather impressed by the remarkably
anthropomorphic rhythms of your recent work.

Syncro Sal Posted: Dec 15, 2006
Mortem Post
By voluntarily switching to a non organic substitute
you've helped to alleviate the pain and suffering caused by
the testing of rhythms on live drummers.
Bonus = No DTSP

the Bull Posted: Dec 8, 2006
Soundz Invisible Systemz
Do you have insurance in case I get injured while trying to
comply with the new tempo and time signature rules?

Wynd Brown Posted: Dec 1, 2006
Rhythm Enforcement Bureau
All those who employ rhythm workers must have
their application for the Dangerous Time Signature Permit (DTSP)
submitted WITH PAYMENT by 3:30 PM on Friday December 29 2006.

Also note that as of January 1 2007
the new tempo limits become law and will be strictly enforced.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Al MacBurymore Posted: Nov 25, 2006
Shrinking to fit
As long as it remains legal to bait the bass player traps
with alcohol you won't hear me complaining.

Finger Painter Posted: Nov 17, 2006
Stingers & Stuff
Rhythm worker advocates say that the introduction of
tempo limits and time signature regulations will help to
level the playing field for drummers who are rhythmically challenged.

Little Dipper Posted: Nov 10, 2006
Vindictive Digital
Does this mean we're not allowed to bait the drummer traps
with food anymore?

Lawrence Posted: Nov 3, 2006
Electric Larryland
What! Now there's new rules for rhythm workers?

Scratchin' the Surface Posted: Oct 27, 2006
The News @ Waiting for Karma .com
Rumour has it that you haven't been Waiting for Karma at all
and are actually an active member of the "Instant Carma" movement!

Sam the Man Posted: Oct 20, 2006
Isle of Dogs, London UK
Obviously you can't help being a black sheep
any more than I can help being a rainbow one.

R. Harp Posted: Oct 13, 2006
Crown Hill Bill says you write in crayon because
you're not allowed to have anything sharp.

Jackie Posted: Oct 6, 2006
Irvine CA
Wow! I actually got your birthday greetings on my birthday!
I know that you are punctuality challenged and so
I presume It must have been a lucky fluke.

Jo Posted: Sep 29, 2006
I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon until everybody else does.

Feelin' Lucky Posted: Sep 23, 2006
Las Vegas
The more I listen to it, the more I like it.

The Gunner Posted: Sep 15, 2006
Editor: The UnderWhere?
Since you never delivered the column about "accidentally" stumbling into
the womens washroom, why don't you write a song describing
what you saw just before Mrs. Gruntwoody tackled you
and washed your eyes out with soap.

Bongo DeLuxe Posted: Sep 8, 2006
No Percussion 4 U
Have you ever considered switching to de-caf.

Houdini @ Kwiky Mix Posted: Sep 1, 2006
Knoxville TN
If the "abrasive instrumentals" aren't for sale, how do we "collect them all"?

Churlish Charlie Posted: Aug 25, 2006
Charlotte NC
Is "Obscure & Underground Quarterly" a police report or something?

Bo Logo Posted: Aug 18, 2006
Where's My Waitress?
Re: Written in Crayon > About Negative Reviews
I'm not sure it was your song that provoked the violent critique,
but I thought your quick defence and retaliation with the mic stand
was one of the shows highlights.

Periscope Pete Posted: Aug 4, 2006
Who cares about the music?
It's the clothes, hair and makeup that are important.

Crown Hill Bill Posted: Jul 28, 2006
Does Nash the Slash know you saved him from certain bandage damage
by discouraging Lowdown Jonny from muting his incessant chatter
during an acoustic Larry Coryell set at "The Colonial"?

Bill's mes Posted: Jul 21, 2006
It's great to hear you making the case for post tone circuit gain.

Arthur Zonenberg Posted: Jul 14, 2006
That's not a "real" Les Paul. Is it?

Woodsie Posted: Jul 7, 2006
SVT s'il vous plait
Where do you stand on the somewhat controversial issue of
bore oil on rosewood fingerboards?

the Wendy Posted: Jun 30, 2006
Orlando FL
the Bull says you're "soul talk" challenged.

Scratchin' the Surface Posted: Jun 23, 2006
> ... The News @ Waiting for Karma .com
"Obscure & Underground Quarterly" is reporting that
reliable inside sources have overheard whispering
about your intentions to defy the new 7th chord bylaw.
Does this mean you oppose a level playing field
on the 9th chord issue as well?

LowDown Jonny Posted: Jun 16, 2006
No Bass 4 U
I think you misinterpreted what
Eugene wotshisname meant by
"Stage Absence".

Little Dipper Posted: Jun 9, 2006
Vindictive Digital
After listening to these 5 tracks...(light count eh?)...I realized
that you had described this sound precisely in your post-it note blueprint.
Quintessential K.I.M. "lippin' off over guitars and drums".
Ya gotta like it!

Limousine Purist Posted: Jun 2, 2006
Is it not a form of aesthetic vandalism to encourage TV & Film producers
to slice & dice your seductive haze of hi-gain guitars with impunity,
and employ the results in the fulfillment of their own lurid purposes?

Veronica Posted: May 26, 2006
Still Waiting
Why isn't there anything from your last CD here?
And only half of the one before that?
The new stuff sounds ok I guess.

Glassy Eyed @ Posted: May 20, 2006
Lowered Horizon
Wide ya rent spase to stor yur books?
I woulda burnd em!

Sheepish Posted: May 12, 2006
Not much of a flock player are ya?

the Squiffer Posted: May 5, 2006
the Beaches
It's all true! I had to do the mop up!

Teabagger Posted: Apr 29, 2006
I heard that the singer wanted to shoot you but he couldn't because
he'd given you his gun for safekeeping.

Junebug Posted: Apr 19, 2006
Empty Tracks told me you'd once quit a band because the singer insisted
that you quietly play three chords over and over and over and over
behind a ten minute "soul talk".

the Bull Posted: Apr 7, 2006
Soundz Invisible Systemz
The "no keys" sign reminds me of the time when that wimpy piano player,
fearing the singers wrath after you suggested dumping the "soul talk",
broke ranks and ducked for cover, provoking you to offer him some advice
that sent him running from the dressing room in tears. That was funny.

Eddie O Posted: Mar 31, 2006
I wanted to read your interview in "Obscure & Underground Monthly"
but I couldn't find a copy anywhere because it's obscure & underground
and quarterly.

Allah Stare Posted: Mar 25, 2006
St. Ratford
I'd shout abuse and RANT IN CAPITALS as usual but
you never pay the slightest attention to anything I say anymore.

Chris Posted: Mar 17, 2006
Re: Bio > Complaints Department > The Form > Dishonesty is more fun.
>> What? You really thought 100 year olds were buying downloads?

Colin Posted: Mar 10, 2006
Fair Trade?
I'll trade you some drum tracks for
another one of those steak and kidney pies.

Beat Box Billy Posted: Mar 3, 2006
London UK
What did you use as bait to lure the drummers to the studio?

B.A. Posted: Feb 24, 2006
Move Out or Move Over
Wow! Great stuff from a true independent.
I'm impressed that you can't be found on any of these lists. (click link)

Chris Posted: Feb 17, 2006
Thanx for the wicked tune. You're right,
the download does sound better than the stream.

Lori Bennett Posted: Feb 10, 2006
Toronto Canada
Hi Keith,
I really like your music...the lyrics are very clear. It kind of reminds me of
some of the mid 80's rock sounds that I always liked...real cool!!!

Best Wishes
Lori Bennett
Indie Shmooze

Alex Posted: Feb 3, 2006
Vending Machine Nation
I'm surprised none of these songs are about
adventures with refreshment machinery.

Cubicle Cathy Posted: Jan 27, 2006
I secretly covet the immortality bestowed on those selected
for inclusion in "Graffiti". Do you have to be competitively witty?

Hee Haw Posted: Jan 20, 2006
Horny Machinery
Hey Man! It's finally comin' together!
Too bad you can't afford to focus more on Waiting for Karma
and less on that "Instant Carma" stuff.

Jimmy Posted: Jan 18, 2006
Saved by the Keithster. Thanks.

Jimmy Posted: Jan 13, 2006
You haven't responded to the email I sent this morning yet
and I need to decide today about that thing you played me in November.
Is there a login for the "Instant Carma"?

Finger Painter Posted: Jan 6, 2006
Stingers & Stuff
If the regulators at the CRTC allow you to move up to something sharper
are you gonna sell your old crayons?

Lawrence Posted: Dec 23, 2005
Electric Larryland
It's not just the intro that's wicked.

Baaa 2 Times Posted: Dec 17, 2005
Shepherds Bush
Without raves from critics we've never heard of,
how are we supposed to know if we like it?

Snowbird Posted: Dec 9, 2005
After the cheap thrill of "Instant Carma"
it's refreshing to find someone who understands
that Karma is a dish that can only be served cold.

Rabbit Ears Posted: Dec 3, 2005
Woodsville NH
Amazing! "The Short Version" actually helps
to make it louder and clearer.

Fargo Posted: Nov 24, 2005
Bad news! Unenforced quarantine means virtually all
urban populations have tested positive for exposure to
"around the campfire" open string beginner chords.

Eagle Eye Posted: Nov 10, 2005
That guitar doesn't look like my husbands guitar.

the Dolph Posted: Oct 25, 2005
No Drums 4 U
Hey, I woulda drummed but I'd already had a few brewski's
and I kinda wanted to bring that girl along.

Almost Tenured Posted: Oct 19, 2005
Kingston ON
Yesterday my boss played your stupid song on a loop
for about half an hour. I'm afraid to say I like it.

the Bull Posted: Oct 7, 2005
Soundz Invisible Systemz
I would have played bass but my stomach, and my knee, and my shoulder,
hurt and I couldn't think of anything to play and I'm not lazy.

M.T. Trax Posted: Sep 27, 2005
Pointed lyrics, nice phrasing, and I've always preferred male vocals,
... especially now that I can only sing falsetto.

C. Dubya Posted: Sep 16, 2005
from Sydney
Crikey! It's got a good beat and you can dance to it,
... and it ends in a nice balanced haze of harmonic distortion.

R. Raff Posted: Sep 9, 2005
Finally! A song I will forever hold close to my heart,
... because my personal dystopia is a little more Huxley than Orwell too.